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 About Buyisithemba News

Buyisithemba News (Bringing hope to communities, Healing wounds of Society, Fixing faulty
foundations) is a community newspaper. Our primary goal is to transform our communities
by teaching spiritual principles and creating a platform for transforming leaders to
understand their role in society and to build a safer community by bringing solutions to the
people. Most publications bring fear to our society by publishing problems more than
solutions. So as Buyisithemba we want to bring a paradigm shift by giving people hope.
We are operating in the East of Johannesburg at the moment, hoping to move towards
other areas by next year.

Our vision is to heal and restore hope in society

To reach out to the poor and hopeless community members.
To create a platform for community development.
To change the mindset of our community by fixing faulty foundations.
To confront and address the wounds of our community with the aim of bringing back the
spirit of Ubuntu and Unity

Regular Sections of the Newspaper


News - General News

Building Safer Communities
Touching on staff that destroys our families and communities (drugs, rape, alcohol, crime
and other things)

Fixing Foundations
Our state of society is due to faulty foundations. So in this section we allow experts from
Different spheres of society to share on good ethics (Church, Educators and other

Restoration and Rehabilitation
Looking at this subject in Broader Terms - What prevents full rehabilitation, also publishing
messages of hope to the hopeless.

Tips on Business challenges and growth; Encouraging Social Development.

Skills Development
What people are doing out there, ex convicts, Males and Females in shelters and people
from hopeless foundations and disabled communities making it big for themselves.

Prisons, Churches, Schools, Health Care Centers, Police stations,